Something's Eating the Garden  received the coveted

5-star Readers Favorite Award and has quickly become a family favorite. With beautiful illustrations, it entertains children and adults alike.   

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Happy Saturday my Fellow Book Dragons! I hope this has been a good day for you and your nestlings or grandnestlings. November has begun and I will be announcing our November Giveaway on Monday. It is also that time of year where the holidays are right around the corner and so, as we look at Saturday’s Child over the next few weeks, I hope these Gems give you some wonderful ideas for gifts for the nestlings in your life whether 1 or 100. Be they nestlings physically or at heart, Children’s Literature can bring back or make happy memories for both the giver and the receiver. Our grandnestlings love their Christmas books each year.

Our Gem this evening is brown in color, the color of soil after it has been tilled: rich, brown and moist. One can somehow smell the possibilities therein. In One’s palm, it feels like a rock when it has been warmed by the sun. Delightful. Our Gem Maker is Pam Fries. She not only wrote it but illustrated it as well. The cover is a bright, engaging picture of a giraffe with a mouthful of spinach. The story is about Papa explaining that something is eating up the garden. But what?

He carefully explains to the child all the animals the mysterious creature is bigger and larger than. What it is eating and what animals it could or could not be. The illustrations are lush and beautiful. The text rhymes are large and is easy to read. I love this book. It can be read to a small child and easily keep their attention with the rhyming nature of the story and the beautiful pictures or a beginning reader could read this with a little help (some of the animal names may need a bit of sounding out), but be just as enthralled with the rhyming and the illustrations. I can see this as a book to be read again and again. I still teach some nestlings to read and this is definitely a book I will be using in that adventure.

Ms. Fries has hit this one out of the park. She uses simple words for the most part. The rhyming makes the story fun and easy to follow. The illustrations are realistic and yet whimsical. In my humble opinion, there is nothing that could have made this book any better. Thank you, Ms. Fries, for this gift to Children’s Literature. I do hope you have more books planned for the future. You can find it here on Amazon, where it is currently on Kindle Unlimited for free.


I do hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Until tomorrow I remain, your humble Book Dragon, Drakon T. Longwritten

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Something’s Eating the Garden” is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that is enjoyable for very young children, as well as adults.  A playful interaction takes place between, Papa, and his grandchild, enjoying time together out in Papa’s amazing garden. The adventure begins when Papa discovers that something is eating his garden, and the child tries to solve the mystery by guessing what it could be. Each guess has bright illustrations to go along with it. The child comes up with many different ideas- a raccoon, a deer, a pig or even a crocodile, only to discover that it’s something very different!

My children love the rhymes, as well as the beautiful pictures of the animals in the garden.  The first time I read this with my three-year-old he was held in suspense. He wanted to know what could be eating the garden! He was convinced that it was the slugs and snails. I won’t give away the ending, but he loved the plot twist and talked about it for the rest of the evening!

As an adult, I really enjoyed discovering this book. It transported me back to my childhood days visiting my grandparent’s farm.  The writing conveys great love and brings up spacial feelings of warmth and nostalgia when I read it to my children.  It reminds me to enjoy all the small, yet wonderful moments I have with them.  I think others will also feel the great warmth this book exudes through this simple and beautiful story.

As a teacher and mother, I think this is a wonderful book for reading to young children at home or in preschool.  It is an ideal book to read before bedtime.  There are some lovely easy rhymes that children can join in on. As a teacher, I like to read books related to the topics I’m teaching. This book is great for teaching about gardening and healthy eating. It could also be related to topics about plants or animals.  -  Review by Sabrina Oliza-Smoke, founder of Play of the Wild. Check it out! Her website is wonderful for parents!

A little about Sabrina: She has an educational website for parents and teachers. She is also a mother and a teacher who is passionate about getting children to learn through gardening and nature. You can see the full review on her website here at

You can go right to the review on her website by clicking this link,…/somethings-eating-the-garden-c…/

...“Something's Eating the Garden”, is a fun adventure with “Papa” and a child, into his amazing garden. The adventure begins when Papa discovers that something is eating his garden and the child try's to solve the mystery by guessing what it could be. Every guess has bright, beautiful full-page illustrations to go with it. The child guesses many different animals like a raccoon, pig or even crocodile, only to find out they are not even close and the answer is not even on the radar! ...

Alison Paul Klakowicz, is a children's book author, creative writer, blogger and podcaster. Her Podcast and Blog are called "Hodge Podge" and is about ALL types of things. 

...The rhyming was excellent. I have read quite a few children’s books lately that have attempted to use rhyme to tell the story. This is one of the few that truly mastered it. The pattern is consistent throughout the book, and the rhymes make the book fun to read out loud. The story itself was also good. Children’s books are often missing the suspense that comes with a clear problem and solution. This book wasn’t missing those elements, which I appreciated.

The illustrations were exquisite. I am very impressed that the author created all of them herself. I loved the story, but I think I fell in love with the pictures even more. Pam Fries really paid attention to every detail when creating these images. Children and adults would both be captivated by this level of detail...

This is an excerpt from the official review of "Something’s Eating The Garden" by Pam Friesby anneloretrujillo » 11 Mar 2019, 12:29