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Pam Fries is an award-winning Artist, as well as Author of the much-loved, award-winning children's book, “Something's Eating the Garden”. She resides in Port Angeles, Washington.  She enjoys speaking to schools and women's groups where she encourages and speaks on hope!

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Something's Eating the Garden

Something's Eating the Garden, a Readers Favorite Award winner has quickly become a family favorite.  It has held a 5-star review since its release in December 2018. 

Pam Fries as an Author...

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Pam Fries as

an Artist...

Pam has enjoyed creating her whole life.  She began her artistic journey by drawing graphite and charcoal pictures. From there with the encouragement of others, she took the plunge into using color and has never looked back.  She didn't get serious about her art until after her children had grown and her husband passed away. It was then Pam found herself with a surplus of time. God had a plan for her.  A new amazing world opened up then.  She then published her children's book and illustrated one 

for another author.  After that, she realized what she really wanted to do

 was to create what was in her own heart.

So she did, and now is having a wonderful time doing it too! 


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Pam Fries 

Author, Artist, Illustrator

Open the eyes of your heart, and you will find joy sprouting among the weeds of life.


~ Pam Fries